Simon's Story: Delusion as a Case Study in Neuroscience and Values-based Practice

Professor Bill (KWM) Fulford
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17:30 - 19:00
Oxford Martin School
34 Broad Street
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Seminar Room 1

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Lectures and seminars
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The widely held belief that the diagnosis of mental disorder is a matter exclusively for value-free science has been much reinforced by recent dramatic advances in the neurosciences.

In this lecture, Professor Bill Fulford will use a detailed case study of delusion and spiritual experience to indicate to the contrary that values come into the diagnosis of mental disorders directly through the language of the diagnostic criteria adopted in such scientifically–grounded classifications as the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual).

Professor Bill (KWM) Fulford is Director of the Collaborating Centre for Values-based practice, a Fellow of St Catherine’s College, and Member of the Philosophy Faculty; Founder Editor and Chair of the Advisory Board, Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology; Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health at the University of Warwick.