Session 4 - Teachers and the Teaching Profession II: Motivation and Overcoming Constraints

Emiliana Vegas (Chair), Shintia Revina, Christina Brown, David Evans, Yue-Yi-Yi Hwa
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14:00 - 15:00
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Teachers and the Teaching Profession II: Motivation and Overcoming Constraints

This panel explores the factors at play in attracting, retaining, and motivating good teachers.

It features two papers that explore the broad set of career structures that jointly determine teacher behaviour, and two papers that shed new light on the level and importance of teacher pay.

RISE Research Fellow Yue-Yi Hwa will present a holistic model of teacher careers wherein pay is only one of a number of relevant factors, and where those factors vary across phases of the teacher career cycle (pre-service, novice, experience, and veteran).

Shintia Revina from the RISE Indonesia team will draw on ‘thick’ qualitative data from 16 novice teachers in Indonesia to highlight how non-pay factors – such as workload, and the prevailing norms modelled by experienced teachers – affected their motivation.

Christina Brown from the RISE Pakistan team will describe a randomized controlled trial in private schools in Pakistan that illuminates the conditions under which performance pay can raise teacher quality, and in particular the impact of performance pay on the understudied margin of how teachers sort into schools.

Finally, David Evans will use rarely assembled descriptive statistics from 15 African countries to ask whether teachers are underpaid relative to similar workers (yes overall, but not per hour) and to identify a robust correlation between teacher pay and student learning outcomes that also emphasizes the potential role of pay in teacher selection.