Session 1 - Learning Inequalities and Social Mobility

Caine Rolleston (Chair), Harounan Kazianga, Bich-Hong Duong, Alejandro Ganimian, Janice Kim
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15:00 - 16:00
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Learning Inequalities and Social Mobility

In many developing countries, inequalities in learning outcomes emerge in the early years of school. Once they fall behind, many children struggle to catch up.

This panel explores a range of sources of inequality in learning outcomes and strategies that education systems can undertake to tackle them. Work from the RISE Ethiopia and India teams examines the role of preschool and early childhood intervention in closing learning gaps in primary school. Belay Hagos Hailu and Janice Kim will discuss their work on the expansion of access to primary school in Ethiopia, and on the effects of this expansion on children’s readiness to start primary school, respectively.

Alejandro Ganimian will discuss how educational activities in pre-school centres can impact on later learning outcomes once children reach primary school. Harounan Kazianga will share a study on the long-run effects of expanding access and quality of schooling for girls on their outcomes later in life. And finally, Bich-Hang Duong will present work from the RISE Vietnam team that explores the ways in which teachers’ treatment of minority students inside the classroom can bear on students’ experiences and outcomes.