The Sarfraz Pakistan Lecture: Rule of Law and Democratic Development in Pakistan

Dr Asma Jahangir
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18:00 - 19:00
Wolfson College
Linton Road
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The Leonard Wolfson Auditorium

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Lectures and seminars
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Pakistan has yet to fully comprehend that democracy cannot survive unless there are strong judicial mechanisms that promote the rule of law. Yet ironically, Pakistan's transition to democracy has invariably been disturbed by judicial intervention on the pretext of upholding the rule of law. This vicious cycle has undermined both the parliament and the courts. The erosion of a genuine democratic process has given space to the more organised civil and military bureaucracy to put on display a sham system of electoral politics while holding actual power themselves. However, each time that there is clash of interest between political forces challenging the hold of the military on civilian authority, it has pushed back military supremacy but only marginally.