Replacing Plastics as a Solution for a Healthier Planet

Mr Paul A. Pereira, CEO and Board Chairman - MHG, Dr Isao Noda, Senior Vice President, Innovation Chief Science Officer - MHG
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17:00 - 18:00
Oxford University Centre for the Environment
off South Parks Road
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Beckit Room

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Lectures and seminars
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Microplastics, which are small particles or fragments of plastics up to 5 mm in diameter, are generated from various sources and accumulate in the environment, including large bodies of waters in the world. One of the major issues of microplastics is its longevity and persistence. Once created and spread in the environment, they are difficult to reclaim and can linger for a very long time with as yet unknown consequences. Fully bio-based and biodegradable plastics replacement Nodax™, which has recently been introduced by MHG, Inc. and has received the world’s first and currently only certification of Vinçotte marine degradation, may provide the much needed answer.

At this seminar Mr Paul A. Pereira and Dr Isao Noda will give a presentation regarding the advances and innovative technologies that MHG has to offer for production of bioplastics and sustainable feedstocks.