Race Equality in Higher Education

Dr Foluke Ifejola Adebisi, Professor Iyiola Solanke, Dr Machilu Zimba
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13:30 - 14:45
Faculty of Law - Zoom Webinar (online)
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Lectures and seminars
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This year has been marked by the horrific murder of George Floyd and the disproportionate number of black lives lost due to COVID-19.

These tragedies have moved people to protest for change and to challenge the structures that made them a reality. While society must take stock of the level of racism that persists to date, universities are particularly required to do so under the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Therefore, during this panel discussion, we will be reflecting on how far the Higher Education sector has come in addressing racial inequalities and consider how much further it still needs to travel to make sure our institutions are a truly equal space.