The Philosophy of Cosmology | University of Oxford

The Philosophy of Cosmology

Marianne Talbot, Dr Martin Sahlen, Professor Simon Saunders
Event date
17 May 2014 to 18 May 2014
Department for Continuing Education
Rewley House
1-7 Wellington Square
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Courses and workshops
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From £70
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Observational cosmology is in a golden age of discovery, but a deeper understanding of what is meant by a science of cosmology is in its infancy. It must involve physics, philosophy, and cosmogony - a philosophy of cosmology. Funded by the Templeton Foundation the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are collaborating to start a new field in philosophy of physics devoted to this new subject. The sort of questions that will be addressed by this new area include: What is time? Is the universe infinite, and if so, what difference does this make to our methods of understanding it? What is the meaning and metaphysics of probability in the context of fundamental physical and cosmological theories? Is our universe one among many? What reasons are there for 'many-universe' and 'bubble-universe' hypotheses? Are these hypotheses testable? What can be known and tested about hypotheses concerning the whole universe? During this weekend we will start thinking about some of these questions. There will be plenty of time to question the speakers.