Oxford Feminist Thinking Graduate Conference: Cohort of 19/20 - Body, Space, Voice: Dimensions in Feminism

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The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities - Conference via Zoom
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While some have decried the expansion of feminist analysis to all realms of study, and have even questioned the necessity of it in the first place, it has become clear in the past decade of feminist scholarship that feminism, indeed, remains relevant to all aspects of life, society, and analysis.

Focusing on three dimensions of feminism: the body, the voice, and space, the 19/20 MSt in Women’s Studies cohort will probe these dimensions, which all peoples inhabit, in order to demonstrate the utility and relevance of feminist analysis. This interdisciplinary event will cover a wide range of feminist research, featuring feminist perspectives on birth control, Ovid’s Metamorphosis, refugee shelters, queer theory’s political potential, Transpositive street art in the city of Oxford, country music, Chinese heroines, and much more.

Please join us on Zoom to celebrate and discuss the work of the 19/20 MSt in Women’s Studies cohort who finished their degrees amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The event will feature an opening address from Dr Pelagia Goulimari, the Co-Director of the MSt in Women’s Studies program and a Teaching Fellow in the Feminist Studies and Humanities Division, and a keynote speech by Dr Emily Cousens, a tutor and lecturer in Women’s Studies. Each panel will feature 4-5 presentations and a Q&A/discussion.



Introductory note - Dr Pelagia Goulimari



  • 'Candy Darling on Her Deathbed’: Queer Representations of Illness - Lizzie Merrill
  • Ovid's Metamorphoses: Bodies, Violence, and Desire - Chloe Tye
  • A Phenomenology of the Pill - Zenobie Van de Perre
  • Intuitive Eating / Controlled Dieting: How Intuitive Eating both challenges and reinforces diet culture - Lara Maassen



  • 'Trans Happiness is Real': Transphobic and Transpositive Street Media in Oxford - Mhairi Montgomery
  • Home or harm? Refugee shelter - Hannah-Lily Layon
  • 'It's by establishing relationships, all sorts of relationships, that I begin to think': history, memory, and relationality in Etel Adnan's Of Cities and Women - Rozen Whitworth
  • Pausing and Stopping: Negotiating the Impasse Within and Without the University - Elena Colman



  • This Voice Which Is Not One: Editing the Female Voice in the Maitland Quarto Manuscript - Ebba Strutzenbladh
  • Mapping Chinese Feminisms: Qiu Jin – A Contested National Heroine - Dorina Heller
  • The Open Mesh of Possibilities: Reconceptualizing and Reclaiming Queer Theory and Second Wave Feminism - Erin Hallenbeck
  • Tracing the figure of Roland Barthes in The Argonauts: a ‘many-gendered mother’ of Maggie Nelson’s heart - Alexandra Pugh
  • “Your Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”: Understanding Feminist Rhetoric’s Impact Within Country Music from 1965-1980 - Felicity Bryce


Keynote speech - Dr Emily Cousens