From modular to linear GCSE exams: effects on standards and equity

Dr Michelle Meadows (Ofqual) Anne Pinot de Moira (Statistics & Assessment Research)
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17:00 - 18:30
Department of Education
15 Norham Gardens
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Seminar Room G

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Lectures and seminars
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Reforms to GCSE returned them to end of course, linear, assessments. An evaluation project was conducted in collaboration with Ofqual to investigate the effect of the reforms on outcomes and on school practices. This seminar focuses upon the quantitative findings relating to outcomes. Part of the policy rationale for linearisation was concern about grade inflation. There have also been fears that the linear examinations will be less equitable than the modular structure, particularly for low socioeconomic groups. Using advanced statistical techniques, these issues have been explored. Evaluation of these reforms is important, as they are costly public finance items.