Measuring Poverty and Gender Disparity: Philosophical and Practical Issues

Professor Alison Jaggar, Colorado at Boulder University and Birmingham University, Dr Scott Wisor, Birmingham University
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16:00 - 17:30
Faculty of Philosophy
Radcliffe Humanities,
Woodstock Road
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Colin Matthew Room

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Lectures and seminars
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Theories of global justice have tended to be animated by concern for the global poor, often obscuring differences within that group, including differences in the deprivation experienced by men and women. Many scholars have alleged that there is a feminisation of global poverty, but this claim cannot be substantiated by global poverty measures that take the household as the unit of analysis. This talk will discuss an effort to rectify shortcomings in extant global poverty measurement by developing a gender-sensitive, multi-dimensional, individual-level measure of poverty. This measure, known as the Individual Deprivation Measure, was developed through a process of public reason involving participants in six countries across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. The presentations will address both philosophical and practical issues that arise in the measurement of global poverty.