Long Peace Street: A Walk Along China's Most Important Street | University of Oxford

Long Peace Street: A Walk Along China's Most Important Street

Jonathan Chatwin
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17:00 - 18:30
University of Oxford China Centre
Dickson Poon Building
Canterbury Road
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Kin-ku Cheng Lecture Theatre

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Lectures and seminars
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Dr Jonathan Chatwin, writer and journalist, will talk about his book 'Long Peace Street: A Walk in Modern China'.

Across the centre of Beijing, Long Peace Street cuts an arrow-straight, 20-mile line. At its midpoint, the so-called ‘Number One Street of China’ divides the Forbidden City, home to generations of Chinese emperors and Tiananmen Square; the vast granite square constructed to glorify a new China under Communist rule. It is a storied stretch of the Middle Kingdom, littered with physical and architectural reminders of the seemingly unrelenting drama of China’s recent past: national cemeteries, communist party boltholes and high-security military sites, as well as ministries, museums and leadership compounds.

In 2016, Jonathan walked its length from west to east, a journey related in his travelogue, Long Peace Street. Using archival and modern photographs, Jonathan’s talk takes the audience with him on a journey through China’s capital – but also through China’s 20th century, from the fall of the Qing dynasty to the modern day, excavating some of the fascinating stories Long Peace Street has to tell.