Live Event: White Rose - Voices of the German Resistance

Dr Alex Lloyd (Fellow by Special Election in German, St Edmund Hall, Oxford), Tom Herring (Artistic Director of SANSARA)
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17:00 - 18:00
The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities Humanities Division - Live Online Event
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Watch live from the Ashmolean Museum on YouTube

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Lectures and seminars
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Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities.

Activism Week

Live Event: Thursday 16 July 2020, 5pm-6pm

Join Dr Alex Lloyd (Fellow by Special Election in German, St Edmund Hall, Oxford) and Tom Herring (Artistic Director of SANSARA) to discuss White Rose - Voices of the German Resistance.

In 1943 five students and a professor at the University of Munich were executed.

They had been part of the White Rose, a group that secretly wrote and distributed pamphlets calling on Germans to resist Hitler. The White Rose Project, a research and outreach initiative led by Dr Alex Lloyd at the University of Oxford, works to bring the story of this incredible group to an English-speaking audience.

White Rose - Voices of the German Resistance is a collaboration between the White Rose Project and SANSARA, an award-winning vocal ensemble led by Artistic Director Tom Herring. This project combines the two performance forces of the spoken word and a cappella choral music to tell this remarkable story. Music is juxtaposed with excerpts from the resistance group’s letters, diaries and pamphlets.

The majority of these texts are only now being translated into English by students at Oxford. The music gives a background to the texts and speaks in dialogue with them, creating resonances, dissonances, and a chance for reflection.

Live from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: Watch Event here

In this live event, Alex and Tom discuss their work together with short excerpts from their concert on February 22, 2020, SANSARA’s last live performance before lockdown.