In the Light of Raphael

Prof Dr Arnold Nesselrath (Vatican Museums)
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Christ Church
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Lectures and seminars
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Christ Church Picture Gallery welcomes Prof Dr Arnold Nesselrath from the Vatican Museums to give the Picture Gallery’s 250th anniversary talk.

When General John Guise (1682-1765) bequeathed his collection to Christ Church, the artist whose fame and reputation had not only endured, but had steadily increased, was the Renaissance master Raphael. While Guise’s collection shows many idiosyncrasies, he undeniably shared with his contemporaries a deep admiration for Raphael.

Prof Nesselrath is in charge of the best known works of art in the world – Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s 'Stanze.' He is intimately familiar with Raphael’s oeuvre and one of the leading scholars on the artist. His talk at Christ Church will present new research and discoveries made during the current conservation of Raphael’s frescoes.

The talk is free, but places are limited and we therefore ask people to book in advance. Please either email: or call 01865 276172 to reserve a place at the talk.