LGBT+ 101 | University of Oxford

LGBT+ 101

Dr Clara Barker
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12:30 - 14:00
Radcliffe Humanities
Woodstock Road
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Lectures and seminars
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Currently we are hearing more and more about LGBT+, and specifically transgender, people and issues in the press, media and everyday life. With terminology evolving at a fast pace and misinformation scattered around the internet, it can be hard to know what words mean and which are offensive / preferred. It can also feel impolite to ask or you may worry that you ‘should already know’ the answers to unanswered questions. What does it mean to be transgender? Is 'queer' offensive? What can I ask and what should I avoid? This LGBT+ 101 talk aims to answer some of those questions and will provide a safe space to ask more.

This session will be led by Dr Clara Barker (University of Oxford). Clara is a material scientist at Oxford University, following a four year post-doc at Empa, Switzerland. Last year she also became the vice-chair of the LGBT+ Advisory Group for the university and she volunteers at two Oxford LGBT+ youth and young adult groups. Clara also works with the Oxford County Council on various projects, including an anti-bully campaign for schools. In her spare time she blogs, writes for a music magazine, climbs, plays D&D and paints miniatures. Clara strongly believes in allowing people to be themselves and to be judged on what they do, not who they happen to be.

Lunch will be provided from 12.30-1pm. Talk and discussion from 1-2pm.