The internet and innovation: succeeding in a time of accelerating technological change

David Black , MD of Branding and Consumer Markets, Google UK
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12:15 - 13:45
Oxford Martin School
34 Broad Street
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Corner of Catte and Holywell Street

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Lectures and seminars
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In less than two decades, the internet has revolutionised communication and very few of us can imagine life without it. It has given rise to a connected world with fewer barriers. But with the globalisation comes darker downsides: cyber security is under constant threat, the dark web is the 21st century’s digital hiding place and in commercial terms, the pressure to innovate to stay ahead increasing with each year and each bright new start up that comes onto the market.

So how do we manage our digital world for the benefit of the many, not just the few? And what future developments can we expect to see take the internet by storm in the next few decades? David Black, Google’s Director of Branding, gives his insights into a space dominated by one of the world’s most famous companies.