Insuring against humanitarian disasters: Will it work?

Sufian Ahmed, Owen Barder, Daniel J. Clarke, Stefan Dercon, Rowan Douglas, Debbie Hillier
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17:00 - 19:00
Blavatnik School of Government
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
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Lectures and seminars
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In recent years, typhoons have struck the Philippines and Vanuatu; earthquakes have rocked Haiti, Pakistan, and Nepal; floods have swept through Pakistan and Mozambique; droughts have hit Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia; and more. All led to loss of life and loss of livelihoods. Responses were often late, underfunded and poorly coordinated, and recovery will take years. One of the likely effects of climate change is to increase the likelihood of the type of extreme weather events that seems to cause these disasters.

Do extreme events have to turn into disasters with huge loss of lives and suffering? Can we learn from insurance and use innovative risk financing instruments to improve our responses?
This event will bring together humanitarian and development thinkers, policy makers and practitioners, as well insurance experts to debate the risks and opportunities from using new financing mechanisms.