How do we find planets around other stars?

Professor David W. Hogg
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17:00 - 2:00
Department of Physics
Clarendon Laboratory Building
20 Parks Road
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Martin Wood Lecture Theatre

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Lectures and seminars
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You are warmly invited to attend the Wetton lecture. This event is open to all and is a free event, with no booking required.

The lecture will be followed by a reception in the foyer on the lecture theatre.

Lecture abstract: In the last 20 years, the astronomical community has found thousands of planets around other stars, and we now know that many or even most stars in our Galaxy host planets. These planets have been found by making exceedingly precise measurements of stars.

Some of the planets we find are extremely strange; most known planetary systems are very different from our own Solar System. Here we will look at how these measurements are made, and how planets are found in the data. The data analysis—the search for the planets in the mountains of data—involves cutting-edge ideas from data science and machine learning. These technologies are transforming our capabilities in astronomy.

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