How can young people be helped to become good BS detectives?

Professor Sir Iain Chalmers
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Rewley House
1-7 Wellington Square
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All of us are exposed regularly to claims about the effects of interventions alleged to protect and promote health. Why is it important to ask whether these claims are reliable? And how can all of us be helped to assess which of the claims are likely to be trustworthy?

From a very early age, children ask very reasonable 'Why?' questions. What can be done to encourage children's 'innate' curiosity about how the world works? How can critical thinking about the answers offered to them be promoted? In particular, how might children and young people be introduced to concepts that would prompt them to ask probing questions about the reliability of claims about the effects of interventions? Finally, how should the effects of efforts to help children and young people to become effective BS detectives be assessed?