Great Writers Inspire at Home: D-Empress Dianne Regisford

D-Empress Dianne Regisford
Event date
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17:00 - 19:00
St Luke's Chapel
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
Woodstock Road
Event type
Lectures and seminars
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Disabled access?
Booking required

Local Oxford performance poet D-Empress Dianne Regisford will present a performance installation piece entitled ‘Hersto-Rhetoric? Na so today!!!’. The performance installation, which incorporates a series of seven sculptures, invites critical explorations of the notion of ‘la femme libre’ (the liberated woman) from an African feminist perspective. The works are inspired by what D-Empress describes as a ten-year initiation into the teachings and practice of the ancient West African Mandinka badjenne tradition.

This workshop series, hosted jointly by the Oxford English Faculty and TORCH and supported by the OUP John Fell Fund, brings a number of contemporary British writers into conversation with readers to discuss how literature shapes our perceptions of the world today and our identities within it.

All are welcome. These sessions will be recorded for podcasting.