Gendered Paradoxes of Socio-political Transformations in the Arab World After 2011

Nicola Pratt (Warwick University)
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Middle East Centre
68 Woodstock Rd
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Board room

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Lectures and seminars
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The lecture will examine the gendered dimensions of the Arab Uprisings, with a focus on Egypt and, if there is time, with a comparison of Lebanon and Jordan. Dr Pratt will argue that the uprisings shed light on a paradox of gender in socio-political transformations. As a result of the uprisings and, in particular, of the violence faced by women protesters, women successfully mobilised to include calls for women’s bodily integrity as a legitimate part of the revolutionary agenda. Yet, paradoxically, the recognition of violence against women as a legitimate public issue has also served to politicise women’s rights in ways that have facilitated their appropriation by counter-revolutionary actors. In other words, women’s rights, particularly rights to bodily integrity, constitute both a gain of the Arab uprisings but also a part of the story of the defeat of the Arab uprisings. Dr Pratt will trace this paradox to the historical relationship of gender to modernity and the latter’s contradictory impulses between order and emancipation in the context of state-building in the Arab world.