Farmers Matter in New India but not the Same Way: Political Settlement, Discontinuous Agrarian Policy and Class-Formations

Sejuti Das Gupta (James Madison)
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14:00 - 15:30
Ashmolean Museum
Beaumont Street
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Headley Lecture Theatre

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With cultural nationalism and symbolic politics holding the media attention, the significant transformation of India’s political economy and its contribution to victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2014 national elections alongside the changing nature of Indian state has not been adequately written on. The period since liberalisation cannot be regarded as a continuous period as far as its political economy of agrarian policies is concerned. Through an assessment of the political settlement operating in three states, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Karnataka during the decade after 2000, the relevance of proprietary classes in shaping these policies and consolidating their position are established.

Sejuti Das Gupta’s current research project is a monograph on Indian agrarian political economy, based on her doctoral dissertation, to be published with Cambridge University Press in 2018. Her areas of interest are agrarian political economy, public policy, class-caste and state-society interactions. She has conducted research in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Karnataka. Her core interest is to contribute towards combining theory and practice for a better understanding in social science. Now an Assistant Professor at James Madison College, Das Gupta was previously attached to the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as an Assistant Professor, and where she served as the Academic Coordinator for Masters in Development Practice, under the Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows' Scheme.