Exquisite Corpses and Angels of Anarchy: The Arts of the Surrealists

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Department for Continuing Education
Ewert House, Ewert Place
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Surrealism is the ultimate art with attitude, full of things that change into other things, abandoning their familiar identities to reveal other, often bizarre, possibilities. Surrealist artists aimed to make their audience look at the world as if for the first time; as a place of flux and strangeness, full of questions with no right answers. This Day School offers pointers along the way to anyone who has been intrigued or mystified by this movement, with its watchword: never let a holy disquiet be lacking. We will explore the works, not only of the acknowledged masters – Dali and Magritte, Miró, Ernst and Tanguy – but also of others less notorious but equally compelling; many of them women such as Leonor Fini, Dorothea Tanning, Frida Kahlo and Kay Sage, who added their individual insights to the diversity of the whole. The capacity of Surrealism to enchant, amaze and affront remains even today; here you can meet the men, and the women, responsible for its enduring appeal.