Entering through the Back Door: China’s Interests in South East Europe

John Farnell (Former European Commission; former EU Fellow), Rana Mitter (St Cross College, Oxford)
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12:30 - 14:00
European Studies Centre
70 Woodstock Road
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Since the collapse of communism, South East Europe has been approached in the context of its European vocation and its integration with the EU and with NATO. However, the rise of the multipolar world is having an additional impact on South East European countries, which at times complements and challenges European hegemony. For their part, the countries in South East Europe, conscious of their crucial geostrategic location, are actors in the global arena who have to take internal decisions on how to deal with external influences and different options. In the course of the new century, all South East European countries have developed links with Russia, the Middle East and China in areas ranging from security, economic or cultural issues.