Emperor Frederick III as patron of music

Grantley McDonald, Reinhard Strohm, Andreas Zajic, Catherine Saucier
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17:00 - 18:30
All Souls College - Via Zoom
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Lectures and seminars
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Frederick III (born 1415, ruled 1440–1493) was the first Habsburg to be crowned as Holy Roman Emperor.

This paper will discuss several aspects of his musical patronage during his long reign. Firstly, it presents new evidence for the membership of his chapel. Secondly, it discusses problems presented by the surviving sources of polyphonic music containing music written by musicians associated with Frederick’s court, such as Johannes Brassart and Johannes Tourout. Thirdly, it presents a chant book from Frederick’s collection, which appears to record the liturgy of St Jerome’s convent in Vienna, a religious house founded in 1378 for fallen women.

This paper presents a sometimes unexpected view of the cultural programme of this pivotal figure in 15th century Imperial politics.

This long-running series of seminars, convened by Dr Margaret Bent, considers all aspects of medieval and renaissance music. It usually consists of a talk by an invited speaker and then a period of questions, to which all attendees are encouraged to contribute.