Disseminated and Re-circulated: Popular Culture in Script and Print

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9:00 - 18:00
The Weston Library
Broad Street
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The Weston Lecture Theatre, Blackwell Hall, main entrance on Broad Street

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Lectures and seminars
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Looking at diverse forms of script and print, from bestsellers and children’s books to scrapbooks, educational ephemera and civic documents, this colloquium will examine how print and manuscript cultures enabled and influenced the dissemination, absorption and recirculation of popular culture—broadly defined—with eighteenth-century audiences of different ages and conditions, reflecting popular interpretations, playing to popular taste, and addressing every conceivable subject. 

Speakers: Kathryn Gleadle; Andrea Immel; Mark Jenner; Freyja Cox Jensen; James Raven (moderator); Catriona Seth; Jill Shefrin; Susan Whyman

The colloquium is made possible by generous funding from the RBC Foundation, supporting the RBC Foundation-Bodleian Fellowships for research in the Special Collections of the Bodleian Libraries.