Dismantling Whiteness: Critical White Theology

Various speakers exploring theme of Deconstructing Whiteness as a response to the Black Lives Matter Movement
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10:30 - 16:00
Regent's Park College - An Online Day Conference
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An online day conference

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Lectures and seminars
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An online day conference on Critical White Theology - in theory and practice

‘Whiteness is a claim to power, it’s a claim to rightness, it’s a racialized claim and there is no such thing as being white and being a Christian, you have to resist that identity.’ (A.D.A. France-Williams, 2020)

‘We are immersed in the privilege and narrowness that whiteness has afforded practical theology… The work of white scholars critically assessing white racial projects in theology more broadly and practical theology in particular is in a nascent stage, requiring more attention from a broader range of scholars’ (Beaudoin and Turpin, 2014)

White English Christianity must commit to a radical and ruthless critique of its Whiteness’ (A. Reddie, 2020)

This conference, hosted by the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture, will lead to a special issue of Practical Theology in 2021.

It will be the first of its kind in the UK as we begin the vital work of examining the implications of White Studies for Theology.

Call for papers - find out more and register for the conference here.