Digital Interventions for HPV Vaccine Uptake Improvement

Jordan Davies
W. Gill Woodall
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17:15 - 18:15
Oxford Internet Institute
Oxford Internet Institute
1 St. Giles
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Oxford Internet Institute, 1 St. Giles

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The development and regulatory approval of vaccines to reduce Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infections among young females (and males) represents a very important medical innovation with the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of cervical cancer among women and other cancers among men. In the United States, the policy, implementation and adoption of the HPV vaccine has been particularly complicated. As with many other medical innovations, diffusion and adoption is not always rapid and will often depend on a variety of social and cultural factors, as well as the nature of the innovation itself. Research indicates there is a great deal of 1) confusion and uncertainty about HPV vaccine and 2) concomitant misinformation about the HPV vaccine, who they are meant for, and what are the conditions under which vaccination is maximally effective. With funding from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, our team conducted a project to systematically develop a set of web-based tools to prompt the informed adoption of the HPV vaccines. Our goal was to employ Diffusion of Innovations theory and related research on Informed Decision Making (IDM) to guide the iterative development of a website to prompt informed decision making and HPV vaccine uptake among parents of young female adolescents. The presentation will demonstrate the website ( and present development and early efficacy data from the study.