The Creative Wealth of Nations: can the arts advance development?

Patrick Kabanda, World Bank economist and Julliard-trained pianist
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17:30 - 18:30
Mansfield College - Online via Zoom
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Lectures and seminars
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Patrick Kabanda, a native of Uganda, has been passionate about music since his childhood, when he first heard the pipe organ at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala. He was raised by his mother, a kindergarten teacher, in humble circumstances made more disruptive by the political violence that was wracking the country. As a cathedral chorister he found music a refuge but also began to understand how the arts could help reconcile the conflicts that lay behind the hostilities, generate income, and improve people's livelihoods. He learned the piano and the organ from cathedral organists who saw his fascination, and continued to teach himself, copying music scores by hand, playing by ear, composing, and practising the art of improvisation. Later, in performances around the world, he saw how music connects with the human spirit: a Bach fugue or an African American spiritual can both move people of many different cultures.

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