Corporate Purpose as a New Investment Model

Gavin Long, Paul Gyra, Nadia Terfous, Bruno Roche
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15:00 - 16:00
Saïd Business School - Webinar Series
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Lectures and seminars
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With the recent publication of Putting Purpose into Practice, book editors Colin Mayer and Bruno Roche invite leading experts to this webinar series to discuss how the Economics of Mutuality empowers business to thrive by meeting the needs of the world.

This week's webinar will discuss: what opportunities does purpose offer for the development of new forms of investment and how can different classes of investors best take advantage of those opportunities. Invited speakers include Gavin Long (Co-Founder and Partner, The Acacia Group) and Paul Gyra (Managing Partner, Thompson Family Office). This week's webinar will be moderated by Nadia Terfous (Managing Director, EoM Solutions; Former Partner, McKinsey & Company).

The book is based on 15 years of in-depth academic research and business practice led by the Economics of Mutuality team, Mars and Oxford University's Saïd Business School. The edited volume includes chapters written by responsible business experts, as well as in-depth case studies covering a wide range of business contexts. The book is available for purchase on the Oxford University Press website and is available to read for free online at