Cities in Film

Michael Piggott (Warwick) and Peter Winn-Kirby (Oxford)
Event date
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17:30 - 18:45
Stanford House
65 High Street,
Event type
Lectures and seminars
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N/A. This is a free event. No ticket is required.
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Not required

The films which will be the topic of the discussion are:
Pete Travis, Dredd (2012) & Ernie Gehr's Side/Walk/Shuttle (1991)

The Discussion is preceded by a film showing at 4.00 pm at the Stanford House for those wishing to attend, but the films are also available online.

Films about cities are both part of modern urban experience and a mode of our reflecting on that experience. Over the last century both cinema and cities have been in flux. What have we learned from films that explore cities? About cities? About films? About tradition? About modernity? About fantasy? About reality? About beauty? About ugliness? About living? About ourselves? About making sense or nonsense of any or all of these? In this series of Film events, the Oxford Forum and Stanford University Centre in Oxford are showing entrancing films about cities, followed or preceded by discussion.