Captives of the Spirits: On Shamans, the Limits of Human Agency, and the Power of the 'Invisible' Realm among the Kham Magars of Nepal

Dr Ina Zharkevich, Research Fellow, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
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Pitt Rivers Museun
South Parks Road
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Entry via the South Door, Robinson Close, off South Parks Road.

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Gallery tours / talks
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£2 (Free to Friends of the Pitt Rivers)
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How does one become a shaman, against one's own will, in a world of today? Based on a series of encounters with novice Kham Magar shamans in Nepal, this presentation explores the limits of human volition and the power of the 'invisible' realm in making people follow a career of a shaman - a predicament one cannot escape when one is called by the spirit of the deceased ancestral shaman.