A Blast and other crises: Tracing the economy and ecology of recent Greek cinema

Lydia Papadimitriou (Liverpool John Moores University)
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17:00 - 19:00
Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
47 Wellington Square
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Lectures and seminars
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Pivoting around Syllas Tzoumerkas’ A Blast (2014), a film set in crisis-ridden Greece and focusing on a young mother’s radical break with her past, the talk explores the state of Greek cinema since the advent of the financial crisis in 2010. Drawing on industry data and interviews with filmmakers, distributors and cinema owners, as well as on selected film-textual examples, it utilizes the concepts of ‘economy’ and ‘ecology’ to map out the landscape of Greek cinema since the crisis. In so doing it combines quantitative and qualitative analysis, and presents both a macro and a micro analysis of the effects of the cultural politics of austerity on the production, circulation and reception of Greek films.