Argentine Independent Cinema: Raúl Perrone in Focus

Dr Clara Garavelli, Rodrigo Malmsten, Dr Fernando Sdrigotti, Pablo Ratto
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10:00 - 18:00
Radcliffe Humanities Seminar Room
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
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Lectures and seminars
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The focus of this symposium will be the work of Raúl Perrone, one of the most prominent and productive figures in Argentine film. From his celebrated ‘Ituzaingó Trilogy’ (Labios de churrasco, 5 pal peso, and Graciadió, 1995-1998), through his ambitious ‘Tríptico’ (Los actos cotidianos, Luján, y Al final la vida sigue igual, all 2010), through more improvised pieces such as Zapada (2003), all the way to one of his most recent films, P3ND3JO5 (2012), ‘El perro’, as he is known, has managed what few people in Argentine cinema have managed: to create works that are both popular and experimental, feted by critics and the public alike, all while hardly leaving his native Ituzaingó — a small town in the province of Buenos Aires — to shoot or promote his films, more than 35 of them in total.

Perrone ranks as one of the most stubbornly independent of Argentine filmmakers. Yet his work has featured in international film festivals and has been influential for many filmmakers in Argentina. He won the Best Director award at the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) 2013, and his latest films have screened in several important European festivals. Although his oeuvre has received due attention in Argentina it is still to be properly honoured by Anglo-American academia. His works continue to gain critical acclaim and his creative output shows no signs of slowing down: Perrone ranks today as one of the most attractive figures in the Latin American film world.

A one-day symposium will include screenings, talks, an interactive filmmaking workshop, and an interview with Perrone’s producer. The aim is to kickstart collaborative research into Perrone’s films and Argentine (and Latin American) independent cinema more widely.