America in Retreat: The Decline of US Leadership from WW2 to Covid-19

Michael Pembroke
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13:00 - 14:00
University of Oxford China Centre - Online via Zoom
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In the heady days after 1945, the authority of the United States was unrivalled and, with the founding of the UN, a new era of international co-operation seemed to have begun.

But, 75 years later, its influence has already diminished.

The world has now entered a post-American era, argues Michael Pembroke (in 'America in Retreat: The Decline of US Leadership from WW2 to Covid-19', Oneworld, 2021), defined by a flourishing Asia and the ascendancy of China, as much as by the decline of the United States.

Michael Pembroke will discuss his book, which is a short history of that decline; how high standards and treasured principles were ignored; how idealism was replaced by hubris and moral compromise; and how adherence to the rule of law became selective. It is also a look into the future – a future dominated by greater Asia and China in particular. We are in the midst of the third great power shift in modern history – from Europe to America to Asia.