The 2 trillionth tonne: consequences of climate change in 2100

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Oxford Martin School
34 Broad St
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Lectures and seminars
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Without substantial changes in policy, production methods and consumption, it is likely that we will emit 2 trillion tonnes of carbon by 2100. One very plausible outcome of this is about 4°C of warming. This seminar places us in a hypothetical 2100 to explore the consequences of this severe warming on a broad range of physical and human systems including: weather, oceans, terrestrial ecosystems, agriculture, human migration. We explore what led us to get here there and how we could get out of it.

We are joined by an exceptional panel of speakers who cover the physical science of climate change, the socio-economic impacts, the historical context and policy implications.

• Professor Tim Lenton (University of Exeter)
• Achim Steiner (Director, Oxford Martin School)
• Nicholas Crane (President, Royal Geographic Society)
• Professor Myles Allen (University of Oxford)

The event will be followed by a drinks reception.

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Part of the Grand Challenges Seminar Series of the NERC DTP in Environmental Research at the University of Oxford.