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Mitigating circumstances - adjusted process

The mitigating circumstances notices to examiners (MCE) process has been adjusted to directly take into consideration and acknowledge the impact COVID-19 has had on your teaching, learning, revision, coursework submissions and examinations, alongside any individual circumstances you believe may have impacted on your academic performance. 

If you believe your academic performance has been seriously affected by COVID-19 situation and/or a medical or personal issue you can submit a self-assessment mitigating circumstances formPlease only complete the form once you have completed ALL of your assessments this includes dissertations. If you submit the form prior to completing all of your assessments you will not be able to submit another form.

The form is designed so that you can make the Board of Examiners aware of any problems that occurred before or during your exams, or in relation to your submitted coursework, that seriously affected your performance. The form has three sections:  

  • the first section is for general information about you;  
  • the second section concerns any practical issues you experienced during your examinations or coursework submissions; and  
  • the third section allows you to raise any other problems you may have experienced. 

Further instructions on what to include in the form, timing of notifications, how these are considered by your examiners and complaints procedures can be found in the Guidance Notes (Word doc). There is also a Word version of the form that will enable you to see what questions will be asked.

If you need additional help your college/department can be contacted as can the Proctors Office ( It is your decision on whether to submit a form, and your responsibility to make sure that you submit the required information. You, or anyone acting on your behalf, must not communicate directly with the examiners. You will only be able to submit this form once, therefore make sure you are happy with your answers before you submit your form.

If you are having difficulties accessing the form please see below for some helpful tips:

  • The form will not work in Safari, therefore please use Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge.
  • When you are on the login page you will need to enter your Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) and @OX.AC.UK. Do not use your college or departmental (e.g. email address. For example if you SSO is proc0000 you will need to enter the following in the login box: proc0000@OX.AC.UK not: or
  • When you are on the University WebAuth page you will need to enter your SSO details and password to access the form.
  • If you have logged into any Microsoft Office products with your departmental email (e.g. you will need to have logged out before you can log in and complete the form.
  •  If you have previously submitted a form you will not be able to submit another one and your access will be denied.
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