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Little Clarendon Street
Evening on Little Clarendon Street, central Oxford
(Image Credit: Peter Grbac / Graduate Photography Competition) 

More than funding

A vibrant community

Being a Clarendon Scholar invites one into a fascinating, diverse, and driven community.

Sean Grant, DPhil Social Intervention

Clarendon offers so much more than just funding for your graduate course. When we offer you a Clarendon Scholarship, we are not just offering to pay your fees and give you a maintenance grant, we are also offering you membership of one of the most active communities in Oxford.

Friends for life

I chose Clarendon because I knew it would give me access to a rich and stimulating community of scholars, both intellectually and socially.

Andy Yu, DPhil Philosophy

The Clarendon Scholars' Association helps you meet and get to know your fellow scholars. They are there for you from the day you receive your scholarship offer, and with a nascent Alumni Association, that connection can continue for the rest of your life. You have a ready-made network of the most academically-able graduates, who are waiting to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Why should you choose Clarendon?

Clarendon is not just a scholarship. It is much more than that. Clarendon makes it possible to mingle with and learn from some of the sharpest young minds across different fields. It means joining a vibrant international community, which is a great place to share and discuss ideas and, above all, make friends for life.

Laura-Marie Töpfer, DPhil Economic Geography

If you've been offered a Clarendon scholarship, it's because the University believes that you are an outstanding candidate. Clarendon scholarships are offered to applicants with the best academic records and the greatest potential to do well in the future, whether you wish to stay within academia or move out into other ventures. We would love you to come and be part of our inclusive and interesting community.

Clarendon aims to be different from funding schemes which just pay your way; by creating a community of the brightest minds, we offer you a graduate experience that will inspire you to excellence. We can't wait to welcome you to Oxford!

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