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Speaker at a Clarendon Scholars welcome event
(Image Credit: Santhy Balachandran, Clarendon Scholar)

Clarendon Scholars' Council

Mission Statement of the Scholars’ Council

The Clarendon Scholars' Council will provide a platform to facilitate professional, academic and social development opportunities through an intellectually and socially interactive community. The Council will provide a network for engagement separate from those of academic departments or college affiliation and bring together uniquely like-minded people for the formation of life-long friendships and shared intellectual curiosity. As a collective group, we will work to promote the reputation and global awareness of the Clarendon Scholarship and Oxford University through a strong alumni network, and internal and external collaborations. The Scholars' Council and developing Clarendon community will both enhance the experience of scholars during their time in Oxford and maintain this connection well beyond the degree process.

Council Positions

The Council for the Clarendon Scholars' Association is comprised of elected council officers and permanent representatives from the University. There is also the possibility of co-opting in casual Council Members to fill casual vacancies for specific tasks relating to the Association’s activities. This means that there is a chance for everyone to get involved with the Association no matter how long they have been at Oxford.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Secretary will announce vacancies in casual positions via email in due course throughout the academic year. The Council holds regular general meetings as well as the AGM and special meetings when required. Members will be informed of these well in advance.

The current Council members are:

President: Serte Donderwinkel, DPhil Statistics

Vice-President: Alessandro Lodi, DPhil Materials

Treasurer: Ruoyi Wang, DPhil Mathematics

Editor-in-Chief Clarendon Chronicle: Matthias Aengenheyster, DPhil Environmental Research (NERC DTP) -  Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics

Administrative & IT Secretary: Emma Bluemke, DPhil Biomedical Imaging (EPSRC & MRC CDT)

Academic Secretary: Ali Hazel,  MSt World Literatures in English

Community Outreach Secretary: Andreas Haensele, DPhil Pathology

Cultural Secretaries:

Irene Yang, MSc(Res) Musculoskeletal Sciences

Vanessa Picker, DPhil Social Intervention

Diversity Secretary: Shiyan Tang, DPhil Women's and Reproductive Health

Dining Secretary: Victoria Pipas, MSt English (1550-1700)

External Secretary: Katherine Krauss, DPhil Classical Languages and Literature

Social Secretaries:

Beata Gafka, DPhil Management Studies

Toni Scharle, DPhil Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Applications (EPSRC CDT)

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