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Allocation of awards

When you apply for graduate study at the University of Oxford, your application will be considered by academics working in your proposed field of study. They will decide whether or not to offer you a place to study at the University and, if you applied by the relevant January deadline, they will also decide whether or not you will be put forward for a Clarendon scholarship.

The process varies somewhat between the different divisions of the University, but each division’s Funding Panel usually meets sometime in February or March, and it is their responsibility to confirm who the Clarendon scholars will be.

Once the Funding Panels have decided on their nominations, the list will be sent to the Clarendon Fund Administrator, who sends out scholarship offers and welcomes the new scholars to the Clarendon community. Letters are emailed within a couple of days of the nominations being received, which means the majority of offers are sent out by early April of each year. If you are offered and accept a Clarendon scholarship, this means your funding is now guaranteed, as long as you meet the conditions of your offer of a place to study at Oxford.

At this point we are able to start working out who will contribute to your funding package. College and other partnership awards are now allocated, and funding breakdown letters are emailed to scholars throughout April and May, as soon as funding packages are finalised. We will confirm college placement as well as who will be paying for the various elements of each scholarship.

A very few late nominations may take place if nominated students turn down their scholarship offer, but this is rare.

Due to the very high number of eligible applicants, we are only able to contact successful scholars. If you have not heard from us by June, you should assume you have not been awarded a Clarendon scholarship.

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