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Conference livestreams

All of the student conference sessions for this year took place via Zoom webinar and have all now been aired. If you missed a livestream you can view them below.
Each video represents an independent session and you can choose the topics that are of interest to you. 

Oxford University and your UCAS Application (20/03/23)
Medical Sciences Overview: Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Human Sciences (20/03/23)
Medical Sciences Overview: Medicine, Experimental Psychology (20/03/23)
Hear from our Medical Science Ambassadors (20/03/23)
Making a Competitive Application Q&A (21/03/23)
MPLS courses overview: Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences (21/03/23)
Hear from our MPLS Student Ambassadors (21/03/23)
MPLS course overview: Materials Science, Mathematics, and Physics (21/03/23)
Student Support Q&A (22/03/23)
Arts and Humanities course overview: History, Theology & Religion, Modern Languages (22/03/23)
Arts and Humanities course overview: Classics, English (22/03/23)
Hear from our Arts and Humanities Student Ambassadors (22/03/23)
International Students Session (23/03/23
Teacher's Session (23/03/23)
College Insights (23/03/23)
Social Sciences course overview: E&M, Geography, Law, and PPE (23/03/23)
Hear from our Social Sciences Students (23/03/23)

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Students walking
Students walking