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Your career after Oxford

We are hoping to update our careers profiles/quotes for the course pages of our undergraduate prospectus and website. These are currently a little dated, and we want to inspire prospective students with the range of possibilities that studying their course here could provide. Please find below an excerpt from the Biological Sciences page, as an illustration of the kind of short quotes that we are looking for:

After graduation, Jenny spent several years in a medical communication agency environment, and now has her own business, working directly with major global pharmaceutical companies. She explains: ‘The tutorial system and writing opportunities during my degree were critical in developing the skills needed to analyse and interpret data, present them clearly and concisely in context and discuss results of clinical trials.’

Hannah, now a research assistant at the Royal Veterinary College, reports: ‘My degree gave me a keen interest in my subject and the skills to pursue it. So far I have tracked rhinos across deserts, chased birds across oceans, and am currently working with chickens!’

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