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Financial support
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Financial support

Oxford is strongly committed to this principle: if you are a UK student and have the talent and ability to study with us, you should never be put off from applying for financial reasons. Oxford is committed to providing generous financial support to students from lower-income households, to ensure they can make the most of what Oxford has to offer. Find out more about funding.

Living costs at Oxford might be less than you would expect, as our world-class resources and college provision can help to keep costs down.

Oxford bursaries help UK and EU students from lower-income households to meet their living costs.

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'The bursary has offered me the financial security I’ve needed to be able to focus on the academic and social sides of my degree without fear of becoming overdrawn or needing to seek employment during term time.'


'Most importantly I think the bursary has allowed me to enjoy myself more, as I am not constantly worrying about whether I have enough money to do something or not. The generosity of the support has also given me the motivation to work as hard as I can, because I want to know that I deserve it.'


'Oxford has the most generous bursary package I’ve come across. I keep track of what I’m spending week by week but haven’t found myself stretched.'


'My time at Oxford has been absolutely incredible so far, and that would not have been possible without the bursary support I have received. It has allowed me to purchase essential things such as textbooks and meet daily living costs, without having the constant worry of money hanging over my head. It has also allowed me to engage in social activities with my friends which I never even thought I would be able to afford or consider. It really has been life changing.'



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