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Alumni attending an event in Oxford.
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Your relationship with Oxford University need not stop when you finish your degree.

You can continue to make use of the Careers Service for the full length of your career. When you complete a degree at Oxford, you will join a global community of more than 250,000 graduates. As well as benefiting from lifelong careers advice, you will have opportunities for professional networking both online and in person. You will be able to join one of the 220 worldwide alumni groups, including Oxford10 for recent graduates in London. From an engaging schedule of alumni events in the UK and abroad to a database of alumni mentors, the University's Alumni Office offers a wide range of lifelong resources. (Alumni just means ‘former students’.) For more information please see

'Oxford: a great group of interesting people who come from all across the world and yet can relate to each other so easily.'

Mathew, 1st year

Oxford people

26 Nobel Prize winners
26 UK Prime Ministers
International leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi, Bill Clinton and Malcolm Turnbull
Scientists like Ben Goldacre, Stephen Hawking, Susan Greenfield and Tim Berners-Lee
Writers and poets including Vikram Seth, William Boyd, Jeanette Winterson and Wendy Cope
Actors and filmmakers including Emilia Fox, Hugh Grant and Ken Loach

'Anywhere you go in the world, when people find out that you’re from Oxford and they’re from Oxford, it opens doors and makes connections'

Val McDermid, crime writer