Women in Computer Science Day | University of Oxford

Women in Computer Science Day

Event date
Event time
9:30 - 17:00
Mathematical Institute
Woodstock Road
Event cost
Target audience
Age range
Age 14-15 (year 10), Age 15-16 (year 11)
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Oxford University's Computer Science Department and Metaswitch Networks are delighted to welcome female students from year 10 (and 11 if available) (14-16 year olds) and their teachers/parents to a Computer Science Taster Day. The day is designed to raise awareness of what Computer Science is at university level.

Delegates will:

  • meet women (and men) who work in the Computer Science field — find out how they're changing the world in areas as varied as quantum computing, to protecting individuals from cyber criminals.
  • learn about game theory, and taking to computers in plain English.
  • visit an Oxford college — find out what it's really like to live and study at Oxford.
  • find out what Computer Science really is — it's not just ICT and it certainly isn't just for boys and geeks.
  • find out what challenges computer science researchers are tackling — visit our Computer Science exhibition area.
  • hear what it's really like to work in the computing industry — meet our guest speaker from international software company Metaswitch Networks.

The day will combine lots of short talks, some longer lectures, plus a chance to walk around the exhibition area and tour an Oxford college. Speakers and session-leaders will include Oxford University lecturers, and researchers, plus representatives from our event sponsor Metaswitch Networks. There will also be the chance to meet current Oxford students.

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