Practical Nanoscience for Teachers

Event date
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10:00 - 15:30
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University of Oxford Begbroke Science Park
Woodstock Road
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Target audience
Age range
All ages
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Training teachers in nanoscience, giving them the resources and skills to support the teaching of GCSE/GCE/BTEC science curricula

This event for all science teachers will cover:

  • Hands-on experiments that can be repeated in the classroom
  • Background lectures to the experiments
  • Laboratory visits provide an insight into science and technology research and the skills required
  • Includes lesson plans, lists of consumables, handouts and presentations to be used in class

Experimental sessions include:

  • How small is a nanometre?
  • Exploring nanomaterials and their properties
  • Carbon nanotubes and buckyballs
  • Making gold and silver nanoparticles
  • Creating your own solar cells

Both the practical workshop and takeaway materials are tailored specifically to support the teaching of nanoscience within all UK exam board curricula.