Philosophy Plus Science

Event date
13 Jan 2023 to 23 Jan 2023
Event time
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Target audience
Age range
Age 15-16 (year 11), Age 16-17 (year 12)
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Virtual, on demand element: Friday 13 January 2023 to Monday 23 January 2023.
Live question and answer follow-up session: Monday 23 January 2023 5-6pm
(Year 11 & 12 from UK schools) 

This programme provides an opportunity to find out more about how science and philosophy intertwine. More specifically, how Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics all have one thing in common: Philosophy. This event is an opportunity for students who are considering applying for a joint degree in these subjects, and want to find out more. 

This event will be in two parts. Material will be made available online for students to work through at their own pace from Friday 13 January to Monday 23 January 2023. On Monday 23 January 2023 participants will be invited to join a live online panel discussion with Oxford tutors and students. Students will be invited to submit questions to our live panellists about the material covered, Oxford degrees in the aforementioned subjects, and the Oxford admissions process. 

This programme is open to high-achieving students from the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. Students should be in the following year groups: 

Year 11 or 12 if at school in England or Wales, 
S5 or S6 if at school in Scotland, or 
Year 12 or 13 if at school in Northern Ireland. 

Students who are currently in their final year of school and who are planning taking a gap year, who will be applying for 2024 university admission, are also welcome. Students should be taking, or planning on taking, Maths A-level or equivalent, and expect to receive at least an A grade in it. Students taking Further Maths A-level are particularly welcome, as are those taking Physics A-level. Attendees should be considering applying to university. If you have previously attended a Philosophy Plus event, this is not for you, as much of the material will be similar to previous years. 

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