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Visiting colleges and departments
Open day visitors at a college.
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Visiting colleges and departments

Visiting colleges or subject departments gives you a great chance to see in to the heart of Oxford University. You can visit the places where most students live, and where they spend their time. You can also get a real insight into the structure of the degree courses we offer.


University Open Days are the best time to visit. The next University-wide undergraduate Open Days are in 2019 - on Wednesday 3 July, Thursday 4 July and Friday 20 September. Most colleges will be open on these dates but many colleges also hold other events throughout the year. Many are open for general admission during the year, see opening times.

Not sure which colleges to visit?

The first thing to do is check which colleges offer your course. Then you can read more about each college on our college pages, which have links through to colleges’ own websites. You might like to read our advice on choosing a college.


As part of the University of Oxford’s ongoing commitment to engage with schools, we have developed a programme to simplify communication between the University and all schools in the United Kingdom. Each Oxford college is linked to a Local Authority to ensure that each school has a first point of contact within the University.  You may like to contact your link college to see if it's possible to arrange a visit.


University Open Days are the best time to visit. Most departments participate in the University Open Days, and some also hold their own open days and other events throughout the year. Open Day programmes often include admissions talks, demonstration lectures, demonstration interviews, tours of the department and an opportunity to meet tutors and current students. Department open days are particularly recommended for science applicants as much of their teaching takes place in the department.  

Unfortunately, departments are not generally open to visitors on other occasions.  However, it is normally possible for potential students to visit other areas of the University and have a look around college grounds.


The University museums are an important resource for many courses, so you may wish to visit one of these. There are also over 100 libraries here, some of which are open to the general public. Visit our Mindgrowing website for suggested activities and itineraries, and check details of tours and exhibitions at museums and libraries

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