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Student feedback for UAO

Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach are looking for feedback on your time at Oxford to share with potential applicants. We expect to use this both online and in print publications (eg the undergraduate prospectus). We are hoping that your insights will be particularly helpful to those from backgrounds currently under-represented at the University. You can fill in as much or as little of this form as you like but by submitting answers you agree that we can quote you (anonymously if requested) in our publications.

Thank you for your help!

(max 100 words)
What is your favourite club/society/activity? Would you recommend it to others and why? Do you have enough time to enjoy your hobbies and interests? Is there enough choice of things to do at Oxford when you're not studying?
Oxford has some of the best libraries and museums in the world. How much do these affect your experience of studying at Oxford? Do you have a favourite place/library to study in? Tell us which one and why.
Have you visited the Careers Service or been to any careers fairs? Have you done an internship? Are you doing one soon? If so, please tell us more. How did you find this and where will it be?
Please include any views you have on the financial support available here.
We'd like to reassure potential students about our commitment to equality and diversity. Please let us know of any positive experiences.
Is there anything else you would like to tell potential applicants?
(if you are happy for us to contact you again to share more of your thoughts on your time at Oxford)