Be the voice of Oxford

Not everyone has someone to support them through Oxford’s admissions process and we know that for some this can be quite an isolating experience, particularly if they are the only person in their school applying. Hearing from current students who’ve recently been through the process themselves can be really helpful, and that’s where you come in! 

By sharing your thoughts and experiences you can offer a valuable insight into the application process and life as a new Oxford student.

Your answers may be included in the Undergraduate Prospectus and our other publications, as well as used on the University website and social media. We will only use your first name when attributing quotations.

Did you join a society in your college? Or any university-wide societies? Did you take up a new sport or hobby? Have you met your best friends through societies? Have you been on any trips away from Oxford through them?
Were these compulsory parts of your degree or did you choose to do them? Did you go abroad? Has this influenced what you want to do with your degree?
How did you find out about the opportunity? Why did you choose it? Was it related to your degree subject or something completely different? What was theist thing about taking part in the internship? Has your internship influenced your future career plans?
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