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Test arrangements
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Test arrangements for international students

International applicants apply in exactly the same way as other applicants: if a test is required as part of an application for your course, then you must register to take that test by 15 October in the year before you wish to start your course. Apart from the LNAT, the tests take place just once a year. For entry in 2018, all admissions tests (except LNAT) must be taken on Thursday 2 November 2017. You do not need to travel to Oxford to take the test, as you can take it in your own country.

The tests are in addition to meeting our entry requirements and a high score in the test will not be considered as an alternative to the specified grades listed on our international qualifications page. The results of the tests will be used as an additional factor (alongside the information in your UCAS application) in deciding whether to interview you and whether to offer you a place.

Which courses require admissions tests is specified on the tests page.  

All applicants for Law

All candidates applying to study Law at Oxford must sit the Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) between 1 September and 20 October at the time of application; usually the year before entry. A number of other universities also require candidates to sit this test.

The expectation is that you will sit the test on-screen in a test centre near your home. It will be a test of your aptitudes rather than your knowledge. Test centres are located internationally. For further details, a specimen paper and information on how to register, please see www.lnat.ac.uk. To be confident of getting a slot to take the test by 20 October, we advise you to register before 5 October.

Candidates for Law with Law Studies in Europe who are applying for the French, German, Italian or Spanish law options may be given an oral test in the relevant European language at the time of interview and are not required to sit the Modern Languages Admissions Test.

All applicants for Medicine


All candidates must take the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) in their own school or college or other approved test centre on Thursday 2 November 2017. Please note, the University of Oxford will not accept BMAT results from the September sitting for A100 Medicine. Candidates must make sure they are available to take the test on 2 November. Separate registration for this test is required. The standard deadline for registration is Sunday 1 October 2017. Late registrations are accepted up until Sunday 15 October 2017 but there is an additional fee for this. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that they are registered for this test. We strongly recommend making the arrangements in plenty of time before the deadline.


Candidates may choose either the September or November sitting of the BMAT. Test-takers must not take the test twice in one application round.

Further information, specimen papers, and details on how to register can be found on http://www.bmat.org.uk/.

Applicants for other subjects which require tests

Other tests are administered on behalf of Oxford University by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT). You must register for the relevant test(s) by 15 October.

Candidates currently attending a school or college

Please ask your Exams Officer if your school or college can administer the test for you. The Exams Officer needs to take two simple steps: firstly they will need to register as a test centre with CAAT, and then register you as a candidate. Further information for Exams Officers.

Candidates not attending a school or college

If you still live near your old school or college, you could ask them if they will administer the test for you. Alternatively, you could register to take the test at an open centre. There are open centres in countries around the world. Find an open centre.

Do’s and don’ts for international students taking tests

Every applicant must take the test(s) for their course
If your course requires that applicants take a test, then all applicants need to take the test, regardless of their previous level of study or qualifications. So even applicants who have already met minimum entry requirements must take the test(s).

Test registration is not automatic
It is your responsibility to register for the correct test/s as well as submit your UCAS form. No student is automatically registered for any test. See how to register for tests.

 Don’t leave it too late to register

  • The deadline for registration for most tests is 15 October, but you should start the process of registration in September or earlier.
  • If no one at your school has applied to Oxford in the last few years, your school is probably not a registered test centre.
  • The deadline for a school to apply to become a test centre is 30 September

 See how to register as a test centre.

Tests must be taken on a specific date
Law candidates can take the LNAT anytime between 1 September and 20 October. All other tests for 2018 entry must be taken on Thursday 2 November worldwide.

If you want to study Law you must sit the Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) between 1 September and 20 October. You need to register to take the LNAT by 5 October to guarantee a test slot by 20 October. See www.lnat.ac.uk.

For further information

For further information please see the relevant test website for your course. There are links on the right-hand side of this page, and on our tests page.

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